Perfect form.


Hernandez pleads not guilty to all charges

Only you can prevent twerking fires.

Bamma of the Week: Schefter You Still Suck

This week’s honor goes to Adam Schefter. This is not because i’ve had a couple run ins with this hypebeast. It’s not because he swears he has inside sources and makes things up. It’s not because he throws stories out there hoping they stick.



It’s because he has resurrected this god awful Ray Lewis dance that everyone is sick of seeing. One can only dream/beg/hope/pray this doesn’t give Lewis the idea of performing this before he goes on his broadcasts. Please do everyone a favor Adam. Stop. Stop.

Riley Cooper Fights in Practice

It’s safe to say that Mr. Riley Cooper is in for a looooooooooooong season…


If his own teammates can’t stand him theres no saying how the rest of the league feels. Here’s footage from today’s  Eagle practice/scuffle.

Thursday Gut Check: Ghetto track app

The world is not ready…

Mickey Mouse was not available for any comments.

“Gangster in the Huddle”

Rolling Stone’s new issue is set to hit stands Friday, August 30th and in it will be a riveting and jaw dropping story on the troubled background and past of former Patriots tight end, Aaron Hernandez. Image


This is a story about drugs, violence, and sports. Personally, I have invested many hours on this case ever since the news broke back in June so I was excited to see what this article was going to offer. For whatever reason I have the need to know everything about AH and the motives behind this murder.

After spending 20 minutes or so reading this, I somehow ended up feeling sorry for AH considering his current situation and alleged charges. As you continue to read you find yourself back to where you started, confused. You begin to formulate more questions.

Why surround yourself with people who won’t bring positivity or productivity to your life? Why try to be something you’re really not? Why are you a dumb criminal? Why are you smoking angel dust?  Why throw everything away?

These are questions we’ll never get the answers to so we have no other option but to fill in the blanks ourselves. 

Highlights of the article:

  • Alleged PCP use from a source close to the situation
  • Countless fights and failed drug tests at the University of Florida
  • Mother’s criminal past and her relationship to a violent drug dealer
  • Friendships with gang bangers
  • Hernandez was always paranoid and actually flew out to see his coach at the combine in Feb to bring up concerns about his life being threatened 
  • Belichick warned AH and told him if he had any more disruptions he’d be traded or cut at the end of the 2013 season

The one thing that is bothersome is that none of these sources have names. All of this can be hearsay but there definitely is a pattern of bad behavior tracing back to his high school days. No one can really come to an understanding of why this happened or what the future holds for AH. This trial probably won’t begin for another year so one can only wait for new developments that are bound to surface. 

Here is the link to the full article. Good read.

Looks like Eminem is back at it again. Yay or nay?

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